The first sign was vandalised — we’ve some great neighbours, you might say. It’s back though!

When you’ve been out the bubble for so long, it’s hard to imagine what has changed — especially since my having lived through the lockdown and the restrictions at home, and not on campus or in the city. My home is 200 miles away, a different region and somewhat different perspective on many, different things — perhaps a different accent, different make-up socially, politically and of the workforce, as well as obviously different elements of the city’s offering, as concerns things to do.

By Lewis Wells

A collective sense of shock, disbelief and an insight into the unpredictability the sport can deliver. Among other things, the announcement this morning that Sebastian would leave Ferrari after effectively a near 6 years affiliation sent as many shockwaves as did Nico Rosberg’s retirement some years ago.

Yet he’s not leaving Ferrari, he’s leaving Maranello. He’s leaving a community, a philosophy, a unique stigmatising and personal treatment. As fans of the sport already know, the difference in terminology, association, debate — is profound. We’re not dealing with Robert Kubica, an experienced professional’s departure from an established professional…

By Lewis Wells

“We’re slowing down physically, while we are mentally speeding up. The loss of physical activity need not mean that we should therefore ‘switch off’ en bloc, but evaluate the importance of thought, keeping occupied, and the very future we are awaiting”

The last few weeks will have been a state of shock and surprise to Generation Z, a generation of young people so used to the freedom and endless liberties that coming home at any time or visiting any establishment, anywhere, may bring, but the withdrawal of hobbies, activities and social gathering is merely the principal impact of the increasing COVID-19 isolation phase. Our parents will most often be at home more regularly than us, many already work from home, having easily accustomed to this change, and our grandparents are ever more used to isolating with the hours in their own…

The New York Times, often at the centre of the debate surrounding the authenticity, prevalence and freedom of news today.

TL;DR — The greatest threat to journalism is most of everything that is currently being denounced as “Fake News” but realistically, only a minor amount actually constitutes what the word “Fake” defines. We mean to say, inaccurate, manipulative or deceptive news, yet it seems somehow easier to hang on to an increasingly globalized concept, that being “Fake News”, as opposed to separating out the various causes and subsequent targets of the content that is damaging to journalism. …

We are proud of our language, but this brick wall holds behind a world of other languages, which we’re too comfortable in ignoring.

From teenagers to adults, our obsession and ease of using “fluent” to define linguistic competence is weak and unrepresentative of our full potential.

All the time I’m thinking about how the UK could be lagging behind in multilingualism and interest in languages so badly, compared with our European neighbours and Commonwealth partners, as primary examples.

The justifications for this are clear: a country where learning languages is not necessary, given we inherit the de-facto international language of the world, dominating politics, music, arts & more, thus our capacity to communicate with our fellow British people is not infringed upon, perhaps…

You must already be thinking, what could the title of this article mean? Allow me to break it down for you. I intend it to make myself a better communicator throughout this piece. Right. Every piece of Art, I’m talking Film, Music, Book, Design, anything created or crafted by a human being, organisation or entity, is what I endeavour to define Art as within my specific contextual discussion. “The Artists” are those human beings and organisations I very recently mentioned, but it gets deeper than that.

It should be, and must be, possible to separate the work of art from…

Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube.

It’s with certainty that I argue these companies are more powerful than both you and I could possibly imagine. Their creators are celebrities, and the organisations themselves are political advocates and players in global matters. In their respective early years, all were capable of their basic selling points. Communicating with others, sending small messages, sending vanishing photos, all-accessible videos. All were so simple and concise in their respective creations one could perhaps explain their uses so quickly and effectively. Nowadays, they all “pretty much” do what the other does. By paraphrasing “pretty much”, I remind myself…

Protestor, I shall not let such a name

Define myself, crowds and images let it so,

Yet I am the people, the people are us,

Struggling to eat, solve our issues,

Fund our lives, educate ourselves,

Feeding and growing is one thing,

Unison and security another. I feel irresponsible, but I

Am not responsible. I wave my flag, you know which side I am on,

It doesn’t look this way, internally, but externally, your fuel raises

Our spirit, never stagnant, not in decline, rising, poignant, vicious with desire.

— — — — — — — — — — — —…

A country is suffering (Translated from English)

Soy protestante, no voy a aceptar tal nombre

Definir a mí misma, como las multitudes e imágenes hacen,

Que soy la gente, la gente es nosotros,

Luchando que comer, resolver problemas,

Para financiar las vidas, para educarnos,

Alimentar y crecer son una cosa,

La unidad y seguridad otra.

Siento irresponsable, pero no estoy responsable.

Agito mi bandera, sabes de qué lado estoy,

No parece que sí, internamente, pero externamente,

Vuestros combustibles aumentan

Nuestros espíritus, ni estancado ni en retroceso,

Creciendo, doloroso, vicioso con el deseo.

— — — — — — — —…

“Meeting the needs of today’s population without compromising the needs of future generations”

One would think it would be easier to do, or at least work towards, than ever before. May that be through our technological advancements, encouragements and creations of geographical leaders in areas from Agriculture to the facilitation of active communities, our scope of involvement in the development of our world has accelerated in our effort, execution and thus progress.

But we’ve hit an unusually abstract stumbling block.

Notice the emphasis upon “we”, because it seems not only as if this so-called phenomenon has been able to impact…

Lewis Wells

“Idiosyncratic” and “Erratic”. Anglo-Irish student studying German, Spanish & Russian. Barista, Runner and amateur writer.

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